A PANoramic View On Northeastern

(02.28.13) BINGO! Yup, you heard right! Tonight, RSA (Resident Student Association) hosted a Bingo Night at the Curry Student Center and I went with some friends of mine. It was a good break away from studying as well as a fun night to end the long day. I absolutely love games like Bingo and have never won anything before until tonight! There were grocery bags (full of food of course!), gift cards, water bottles and the grand prize was an ipad mini! I was the first person to get a Bingo and I instantly jumped up and shouted “BINGO!”. I am quite happy with the prize and it was overall a fun night for all those who attended. Thanks NU for another fun memory!

On another note, today is the last day of February and tomorrow will be March. How fast has time gone by that I’m already into the third month of my last semester of college? This is crazy! Hopefully I’ll be able to survive my classes along with having a great time with my friends for my last semester as an undergrad here at NU.

As always, thank you all for your constant support and visits! If you have any questions whether it be about Chemistry, Northeastern, the admission process or NU life, please feel free to ask away! Cheers and have a good day/night everyone!

Danke sehr,