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Can’t wait for Nice, France!

(11.20.12) Today was just a normal day at school where work was the usual. I did not have to teach at all today hence I took the opportunity to take care of other errands that needed attention to (yeah, there are always side-errands which needs taking care of when we are not helping out in the Science Department). Nothing major happened hence this post will be quite short. I did bike to school for the first time in a few months as a colleague of mine wanted to purchase our bike. It makes sense as none of us would want to haul a bike all the way back to the U.S. if necessary. I ended up biking home and then biking all the way to the Deutsche Bank to withdraw money for my trip to Nice, France starting tomorrow. Just for today, I would’ve biked for almost 1.5 hours, the most in a long, long time. Dinner was prepared and ready by the time I got home and so we had an early dinner. 

For the rest of the night, I will take care of a few work-related items before dedicating the rest of the night to preparing and getting ready for my trip to Nice, France for the ECIS Conference. I will have to make sure that I have all the documents printed, all my clothes packed and also have a list of the specific workshops that I am interested in attending. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as I have never been to Nice before and it is for professional development purposes which I am super amped for. Well there you go, that is your daily dosage of my blog for today. I promise that it should be interesting once I get to Nice so be prepared and be excited! :) Cheers everyone!

School Lunch: Chicken burger with potato wedges and sour cream

Dinner courtesy of Rachel: Chili con carne


Word(s) of the Day: N/A

Lesson(s) of the Day: Whatever the boss says, goes!

Day(s) left in Bremen, Germany: 32


Gute Nacht,


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